I Am Not an Ex-Mormon

A year and a half.  That's how long it has been since I met with my bishop, Mr. G Scott Lowe, and he had me hold a Book of Mormon in my hands and say I do not believe in God, Jesus, or Joseph Smith.  That meeting was full of emotions, accusations, and soul finding.  It felt good leaving that meeting knowing that I once again stood on the side of truth, being true to myself, to my core values of intellectual honesty.

My Objections to the Hobby Lobby Case

I've heard arguments from some that the insurance is the companies insurance given to you, and have also heard analogies of using the company printer for personal use; both of which I disagree with.

How Pornography Can Save Marriages

In most religions there tends to be this fear of sexuality, and they use this fear to control others.  

LDS President Thomas Monson Summoned on Fraud Charges

On January 31st The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the church) president Thomas Monson received a summons to appear in court to answer fraud charges brought on behalf of two members, Stephen Colin Bloor and Christopher Denis Ralph.

Data Loss

Recently our server's hard drive died taking everything with it. Unfortunately four of my original articles on here are no longer available and have been lost along with everything else. We are now hosted on Amazon EC2 and shouldn't have this problem again. I am now taking other precautions to ensure that any articles I write cannot vanish so easily making all this hard work and effort for nothing. Thanks to all my readers and followers and I hope to continue to help us all think a bit more critically.